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Now, if I wrote historical fiction . . .
September 24, 2009, 10:18 am
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. . . this would make for a fascinating take-off point:

Largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasure found in UK

LONDON – An amateur treasure hunter prowling English farmland with a metal detector stumbled upon the largest Anglo-Saxon treasure ever discovered, a massive seventh-century hoard of gold and silver sword decorations, crosses and other items, British archaeologists said Thursday.

One expert said the treasure would revolutionize understanding of the Anglo-Saxons, a Germanic people who ruled England from the fifth century until the Norman conquest in 1066. Another said the find would rank among Britain’s best-known historic treasures.

* * *

“It looks like a collection of trophies, but it is impossible to say if the hoard was the spoils from a single battle or a long and highly successful military career,” he said. “We also cannot say who the original, or the final, owners were, who took it from them, why they buried it or when. It will be debated for decades.”

You can see images, and get more information, from The Staffordshire Hoard (I’m impressed that they got a nice website up and running in time for the news of this to break.)

Jim Downey

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Amazing find. Another recent English find that would make a good starting point for story is here:

Comment by Wendy

I love this line from your linked story, Wendy: “Some could have been taken away as souvenirs.” That’s a suggested reason why there are evidently heads missing from the pile.

But we all know the real reason this happened: Aliens did it.

Jim D.

Comment by James Downey

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