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Pays to be suspicious.
December 15, 2009, 12:54 pm
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So, last night I had to attend a “public information meeting” in my capacity as Lord High President of our Neighborhood Association. I got there a bit early, to do the usual schmooze with people, and we waited chatting in the lobby of the City building downtown. A bit before 5:30, we made our way up to the mezzanine office where the previous meeting was held, which was open and lit, and which is the only meeting room in the building I had ever used other than the formal (large) Council room.

Well, 5:30 comes (scheduled start time), and no sign of City staff or the applicant for the rezoning, I note. 5:35, and I check my postcard notification to confirm time & place. Wording on ‘place’ is a bit vague. I go wandering up to the P & Z offices, poke around until I find someone, and ask. Well, gee – seems that they’re using a “conference room” up there which isn’t readily obvious to the public (it is literally in the corner of the building, with no signage or ready access from the public corridors). So, I go downstairs, announce this, and lead everyone up to the correct location. I get a dirty look from the applicant’s attorney as one of the City staffers there thanks me for getting everyone to the right room and explains that this room is “sometimes used,” and that is why the wording on the postcard is such as it is. Right.

Gee, I cannot *imagine* that someone would move a meeting, leave no indication of it, and then close the public meeting once an ‘appropriate waiting period has passed’ and thereby avoid having to actually let people know what is going on. I’m sure that it was all just a harmless misunderstanding on our part.

But I’m glad I’m suspicious enough to go looking.

Jim Downey

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Yeah, I’m with you. Doesn’t sound like they were too excited about the possibility of someone actually showing up. Thank goodness you had the forethought to go locate them. Thanks!!!!

Comment by Sarah Catln-Dupuy

Um, thanks, Sarah. Just FYI – I have deleted the link to this post from that one. I’ve sent a message to Karl Skala about the problem (with a link to this post) but I think I don’t want to muddy the water with that other pingback.


Comment by James Downey

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