Communion Of Dreams

March 22, 2010, 11:42 am
Filed under: Alzheimer's, Health, Publishing, Writing stuff

I haven’t mentioned it much, just a passing note last month, but I have been working a fair amount on the care-giving book these last weeks. And I’m about halfway done with my part of the editing work – at this point, I’m going through all of my co-author’s posts, and my co-author is going through all of mine.

In terms of actual editing work, it’s very minor, mostly consisting of looking for issues with spelling & clarity. But it is also emotionally exhausting, because each entry is a journey back into care-giving. I can only put myself through that for about an hour a day.

It is also extremely rewarding, though. Each time I work with this material – each pass through it I make – the more I find it to be powerful and affirming, and the more I think it will prove to be a very valuable resource for others who are taking that journey (or recovering from it.)

At least, I hope so.

Jim Downey

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