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March 26, 2010, 4:47 pm
Filed under: Alzheimer's, Art, Book Conservation, Publishing

I mentioned the other day that things were progressing on Her Final Year, the care-giving book I am working on with my co-author(s). Well, as part of that my Good Lady Wife has started looking for an agent – the idea being that now that I have one book (almost) ready to be published by Trapdoor Press, it’ll be easier to find an agent who can get this memoir to the right publisher for that genre. In the process of looking over agency websites, she came across this one: Lindstrom Literary Management.

Go take a look at their website. Poke around a bit. It’s a nice design conceit, using a 19th century book style, combined with the different marbled paper backgrounds. I could have done those marbled papers – they’re all classics, and I am actually quite good at that particular art (you can see an example on my professional bio page). I don’t know whether Lindstrom will make the final cut of agents that we decide to contact, but if we do I’ll append a note drawing out the connection between what they have on their site and what I do in that aspect of my life.


Jim Downey

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sounds really interesting

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