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Dirty fingernails.*
May 25, 2010, 4:10 pm
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So, got my plants in:

It’s a nice, meditative process: decide the layout of where I want what.  Place the individual plants (I planted 3 of each of the above, except the Red Savina peppers – did 6 of those). Then I go from location to location with a bag of organic fertilizer and a large Bowie knife.  The knife was made by an uncle of mine, back in the era when people were wearing coonskin caps.  I doubt he ever thought it would be used for such a purpose, but it is great for this, and has been a favorite gardening tool of mine for at least a decade – one of the highest compliments I can give.  With the knife, I make a large X cut in the landscape fabric, then loosen the dirt.  Reaching in with a bare hand, I scoop out the dirt, piling it nearby.  In goes a handful of the fertilizer.  Pop the plant out of the little plastic container, and position it.  Loose dirt around the side to hold it in position.  With the tomatoes, add in another handful of the fertilizer – the peppers don’t need it.  Then pile the rest of the dirt up on the plant, to about the point where the first leaf cluster branches off.  Push down lightly to make sure everything will stay put.  Water lightly.

Doesn’t sound like much, I suppose.  But after being on my knees doing it for about two hours, I was knackered.  Took a little more time to put up some temporary “doors” covering the gaps in the deer netting, and called it a day.

Tomorrow, or perhaps the next day, I’ll get my tomato towers in place, and think of Ray. After, place the soaker hoses. Then keep a nervous eye on how things proceed.

Jim Downey

*No, not that kind!

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Your garden is awe inspiring. The harvest and the delicacies you prepare from it are even better. Evil Green comes to mind.

Comment by Celeste

[…] of the rest looked pretty sad as well. All heirloom tomato plants, from a nursery back East I was used to working […]

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