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Back to it.
June 19, 2010, 10:29 am
Filed under: Emergency, George Orwell, Society, Violence

Well, I’m back to reading the Orwell Diaries, after just browsing them now and again for the last two years. Why now? Well, what was happening in the world 70 years ago?

Oh, yeah, that.

Specifically, the fall of France. Dunkirk.

Orwell’s diaries have gone from mundane reporting of how many eggs his chickens laid to a preoccupation with the war news, and observations on how few people in the British public seem to be engaged in it yet. It’s funny, from our perspective we think of WWII as “total war” which completely took over the countries involved. But of course that’s not how things actually unfolded – those who were experiencing it saw it within the other aspects and concerns of their lives. It took time for the full scope of the war to become clear, and as always some people understood what was actually happening sooner than others.

Anyway, if you fell away from reading the Orwell Diaries, you might want to pick the habit back up. Interesting stuff.

Jim Downey

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