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Guess where?
June 20, 2010, 7:45 am
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A long time back I wrote about getting my big safe, to keep the rare books secure, as well as my guns. Which has led to some interesting situations with clients, who somehow don’t expect a mild-mannered bookbinder to also own a decent selection of firearms.

Well, I keep the safe open during the day when I am home (which is usually). This helps to prevent humidity build up – a problem for both the books and the guns. Typically, closing the safe up is the last thing I do at night before going up to bed.

Just like last night. I shut off the computer, turned off the desk lamp, went over and pushed the big door closed and spun the lock. Upstairs to bed.

Wandered down this morning, and our old lady yellow cat was waiting for her breakfast. She’s always waiting when I come down. The younger grey wasn’t around – hadn’t been up on the bed last night, either. She does this sometimes, whether because of just mood or because she decided to stay outside overnight.

I fed the yellow cat, went to the back door and whistled for the other one. Yes, our cats come when called. Particularly when it is time for breakfast.

But there was no sign of her. Oh well, it happens – she must’ve been off adventuring somewhere in our very large yard.

So I went into my usual morning routine. Put away the dishes from the night before as water heated for coffee. Once the coffee was ready, and there was once again hope in the world, went in to my office and fired up the computer. As it booted up, I went over and opened the safe.

Guess who came darting out?

Yeah, the small grey cat. She evidently had decided to investigate the bottom shelf on one side of the safe, which is empty. This is unusual, since she has long since determined that the safe isn’t very interesting.

Anyway, no harm done. She went right to the litter box, then wanted breakfast.

But I bet she stays clear of the safe from now on.

Jim Downey


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For the sake of both the guns and the books, I’m very glad she held out for the litter box!

Comment by Robin

You and me both, Robin!

Comment by James Downey

I don’t know if she will give up searching the safe. A friend’s cat got shut in the refrigerator for a few hours. When freed she hardly waited to get warmed up and was watching closely for the next chance to climb in.

Comment by James Kasper

So glad it isn’t air tight!

Comment by Spyder

This the point where I say “cats — can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em!”

Comment by Karen

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