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July 9, 2010, 1:19 pm
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As mentioned, the care-giving book is coming together well. As with Communion of Dreams, my Good Lady Wife has taken on the task of finding an agent/publisher for it. To that end yesterday she asked me for another query letter to use for some contacts who wanted a slightly different presentation from the initial query letter we crafted. Here’s a bit I thought I would share, and see if anyone had thoughts on it:

Her Final Year is a joint memoir told using a 12-month format as an analogy for the Alzheimer’s cycle, where each ‘month’ represents one phase of the disease progression. The authors, two men caring for their respective mothers-in-law, explore the process of discovering and dealing with the decline of the family matriarch by interweaving their own thoughts and experiences with what they learned along the way from — and about — health insurance providers, medical professionals, Hospice nurses, social workers and nursing homes. The first part of the book (about two-thirds of the text) ends with the death of the Alzheimer’s patient, but then the second part of the book (subtitled His First Year) is the story of recovery of the men and their families from the care-giving experience, and how they were enriched by it.

Given that there are currently no memoirs from this POV, but that a growing number of men find themselves in the role of care provider, the authors hope that this book will fill a need and find a wide audience. Some people will want to read it straight through as a story of love and redemption, others will use it as a resource by finding which ‘month’ most fits their situation and looking there for guidance and support. It should appeal not just to care providers, but also to people who know someone in that role and wish to understand how best to help them. With the aging of our population, this includes the majority of Americans.


Jim Downey

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Compelling. I’d publish it if only I owned a printing press. Good job!

Comment by S.B. Rowland

[…] the query last Friday attracted some interest from an agent, who said that she wanted to see a full formal […]

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