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July 12, 2010, 4:41 pm
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So, this afternoon prepped materials for my next class tomorrow morning – they’re going to do a longstitch binding – then started assessing the maps I picked up on Friday for Special Collections. I need to go through and do an itemized estimate for them, and the first step is just to look the items over carefully, see exactly what conservation treatment they need. And I thought that I would post a couple pictures from one of the maps:

“Les Etats du Czar ou Empereur des Russes en Europe et en Asie –Avec les Routes q’uon tient Ordinairment de Moscow a Pekim. “ French, 1772 by Nicolas de Fer (1646-1720). Size : 25.5 x 17

This is actually the youngest of the maps I picked up – the others date back to 1590 – but it will need a lot of work. You can’t see it from these photos, but it was mounted to that acidic matboard using good ol’ Scotch tape. All around the edges of the map.


People, if you have a nice map, or any other piece of art, DO NOT mount or repair the damned thing with Scotch tape.

Maybe some more pictures this week as I go through and get started on the rest of the maps.

Jim Downey

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Jeez, that thing is older than the United States and it STILL has all that color?

Comment by Hank Fox

Nah, Hank, and any reader of Watterson knows, color wasn’t invented until early last century. It was retro-actively added to everything in the world.

Comment by James Downey

[…] to work on books which contain maps and other prints which are often quite valuable (or just those items themselves). Oh, I’ve earned that trust, and I and the clients I work with always take steps […]

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