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“I said move over honey, I’m traveling on that line”*
July 18, 2010, 2:42 pm
Filed under: Alzheimer's, Music, Publishing, Writing stuff

Whew – long Skype session with my co-author today. Almost three hours. But very, very productive. We got a little less than halfway through Her Final Year, but were able to work through all the issues up to that point. This will be the last major editing that this part of the book will get before we’re ready for submission. Yeah, there will be tweaks and changes still, but this will put us on the other side of the hill. We’ll finish this tomorrow afternoon.

Interesting process, using the technology this way. Working with a document jointly, in real-time, discussing as we went – pretty cool. And those who know how much I hate telephones will take it as a real measure of just how much John (my co-author) and I are alike, that we were able to do this. That’s easily the longest phone conversation I’ve had this century, perhaps in my life.

So, a bit of a break, then see if I can finish up the tweaks needed on the proposal, so we can send that off.

Jim Downey

*oh, there’s a reason for the reference beyond the content of the post. This is post #910.

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