Communion Of Dreams

For a day that started out with “You’re going to die,” this was turning out all right.
September 26, 2010, 8:11 am
Filed under: Health, Hospice, PZ Myers

We all die. Only some of us know that our death is imminent. If it turns out that I’m one of those, I hope I’ll be able to come to terms with it with the kind of grace Mike Celizic did.

Edited to add: No, there’s no subtext here. I’m not trying to prep my friends for any bad news. Sheesh, people, you know I’m more blunt than that. I just thought it was a good article.

Jim Downey

Via PZ.

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The object isn’t to live as long as you can, but as well as you can.

Such an important truth. And all the people who didn’t forget, and let him ignore, that it was still his birthday even if he never gets to see another one, and just being here is something to celebrate.

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