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It’s a mystery.
October 27, 2010, 10:48 am
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In the movie Shakespeare in Love the Philip Henslowe character has a line which is invoked several times to explain how incredibly bad situations always turn out for the best when it comes to theatrical performance: “It’s a mystery.”

I’m hoping I have something similar happen to my current situation.

Because that’s basically the word I got from my doctor this morning, about my ongoing chest/lung pain: it’s a mystery.

The CAT scan I had last week didn’t really turn up anything. Oh, I have a small spot of calcification in one lobe of my lungs where the pneumonia had settled, but that’s not really sufficient to account for the pain and shortness of breath I’ve had. But there’s nothing else indicated from that scan.

Good long discussion and examination (who gets more than a quick 5 minute consult these days?) by my doctor didn’t really point up anything else. She’s having some blood work done, just to be thorough, but the area where I have been experiencing pain doesn’t really make sense for anything like liver function or heart problems (both of which looked normal on the CAT scan, anyway). About the only thing that makes sense is just ongoing soft-tissue damage, which is being slow to heal. I’m going on another course of Prednisone, which should help with that if it is the problem. But even that doesn’t really make sense, because it has gotten worse in recent weeks, rather than just slowly improving.

So. Treat symptoms. Try the Prednisone. Get on with life. Hope for the best and see how everything works out.

It’s a mystery.

Jim Downey

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How about scar tissue or adhesions? I had terrible pain in my abdomen from adhesions. There is a homeopathic for them that I took that really helped. Have you thought about going to a homeopath or an acupuncturist? I got a ton of help from them after all my car accidents.

Comment by S.B. Rowland

Scar tissue or adhesions might answer for the pain, but if it were serious should show up on a CAT scan.

Sorry, I don’t do homeopathy or acupuncture.

Comment by James Downey

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I guess I see acupuncture and homeopathy as the human equivalent of typing on a keyboard to affect a computer. The correct sequence could definitely bring on change, and, any tradition based on subtlety might well have a lot going for it. Your book, by the way, is utterly awesome, and, from my experience, in a league of its own. From the ceramic bullets to the falling spaceship to the gel burl to the interface between the spirit and gravity, man, righteous!

Comment by Dan Foresman

Dan – thanks for your comments and kind remarks – very much appreciated!

One fun little secret I don’t think I have ever mentioned before, but if you consider the tech I stipulate for the “falling spaceship” it is essentially the first step towards a Star Trek type of ‘warp engine’. Just a little hint . . . 😉

Comment by James Downey

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