Communion Of Dreams

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”*

Interesting. I hadn’t heard of this previously, but I really like the merger of live theatre and film:

That’s a screening they did in London this summer. Reviews here and here.

It’s an intriguing idea – not entirely new (the Rocky Horror craze of audience participation certainly presaged it), but done with a real sense of artistic reinterpretation. In many ways, it is a live action version of the internet: hyperlinked, mashed-up, recontextualized – yet all the while still paying homage to the original. In poking around YouTube I see they have done a number of other reinterpretations such as Alien, Bugsy Malone, Ghost Busters and The Warriors. In each case it’s more than just a few people with props; the organizers seem to really go out of their way to make the whole production an event.

And I respect that. Next time I’m in London . . .

Jim Downey

*Roy, of course. Via MeFi.


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wow. that’s a helluva production!

Comment by Barry

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