Communion Of Dreams

Number nine. Number nine. Number nine.*

Well. Post 999. Who woulda thunk it?

I started this blog one month short of 4 years ago, ostensibly to discuss the process of revising, then submitting for publication Communion of Dreams.

Of course, along the way it became something much more than that. Another book emerged from it. I made a lot of friends. I connected with old friends. I documented the twistings and turnings of my life and fortunes. Stared into my navel far too much. Stared into the bright sun upon occasion. Started a new project, and watched it become insanely popular (though not exactly remunerative.)

I’m still waiting for final confirmation of the publication date and details from the publisher who is interested in CoD – even at this late date in the whole process, things could fall through. But with a little luck, the book will actually be out sometime in the new year, and we’ll see whether the over 29,000 downloads it has had since I first launched this blog translate into actual sales.

Wow – 29,000 downloads. That still amazes me, given that it has all been word of mouth and informal promotion.

So, thanks for the ride, everyone.

Jim Downey

*Of course.

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You didn’t mention your (part time) stewardship of UTI during this time as well. Quite a busy four years, and lots to show for it. Hoping to buy a copy of CoD and get it autographed by a busy author and expert ballistics dude …

Comment by EdK

Ed, it’d be a pleasure! I could probably even shoot the book for you . . .

Comment by James Downey

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