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This guy should get a job with the TSA.
December 24, 2010, 9:43 am
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I mean, he’d be perfect:

Sleepy shopper upset over Columbia Mall ban

A Holts Summit man caught catnapping at Columbia Mall was banned from shopping there for a year, and he’s not happy about it.

Roger Wheat was at the mall with his wife Friday when, he said, he stopped to rest. Surrounded by packages containing their purchases, he said he was sitting as his wife shopped when security guard Ryan Tripp approached.

* * *

When Tripp walked away and conferred with other guards, Wheat called his wife. They moved their packages to another area with chairs, he sat down, and she resumed shopping. Wheat, a former corrections officer, said because of a back injury and leg problems, he tires easily and cannot keep up with his wife during weekly trips to the mall.

Tripp returned, this time with Columbia police officers. Tripp wanted to take Wheat’s picture, which Wheat refused. He then made a trade — he took pictures of Tripp and the two officers, then allowed his picture to be taken. That’s when Tripp gave him a “Notice to depart and forbid re-entry.”

Wow. Give people a little authority, and some just can’t wait to abuse it. He kicked a guy out (and banned him for a year) because he was having a nap while his wife did more shopping. A week before Christmas. With that combination of poor public relations skill and an instinct to push people around in petty ways, this clown should get a job with the TSA when the Mall finally fires his ass over the public uproar.

Good lord.

Oh, if you would like to communicate to the Mall administration just exactly what you think of this kind of stupidity, here’s their contact page:

Jim Downey

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Egads! Isn’t that typical Americana, dad sleeping while mom shops? It’s practically Rockwellian, and now it’s an actionable offense? Disgusting. They deserve to be sued for discriminating against the disabled.

Comment by Sarah CD

Yeah, it’s insane – and I think that you’re correct that this guy has grounds for a suit.

If you haven’t already, take a moment and drop the Mall a note – they need some pushback on this.

Comment by James Downey

That reminds me of an incident at a St. Louis mall a few years ago: a woman was in her car, in a relatively remote corner of the parking lot, breastfeeding her child. A policeman walked up, looked at what she was doing, and issued a citation for public indecency. If memory serves, after a public outcry he apologized.

It’d be nice if they handed out common sense with every badge.

Comment by Ted

Good lord.

You’re right, Ted, it would be nice if they figured out a way to do that.

Comment by James Downey

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