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Jim Downey had an idea.
February 10, 2011, 10:15 am
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It was a strange idea. A glorious idea.

As he stood by the stove, turning some leftover rice (Basmati rice, the good stuff, which came from the warehouse store in 15 pound burlap bags) from the previous night’s dinner into a munchy, crunchy breakfast, he tore open the little plastic packet of soy sauce that you always seem to get too many of when you order take-out Chinese food. Squeezing the soy sauce into the pan in a sizzling stream, the idea came to him.

You could never get all the soy sauce out of the packet. There was always some left.

But that wasn’t the idea.

The idea was that if we could recover all the leftover soy sauce, from all the packets, and collect it in one place, that it would be the perfect fuel for a new style fusion reactor…


(Just a little insight into what happens in my head most of the time.)

Jim Downey


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Ha! I think of stuff like that — sometimes less weird, occasionally more weird — all the time.

Most of the time, I keep it to myself. There’s never anybody around with the right understanding that the mind-pictures themselves are fun, aside from any seriousness. It’s just cool that your creative inner being can come up with such delightfully random stuff.

I think of it as the “modern art” of the creative mind. It doesn’t mean anything, isn’t intended to mean anything, it just IS.

Comment by Hank Fox

Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly it, Hank.

Comment by James Downey

Hmn… If I fed mayonnaise to the tuna fish and cut out the middleman, I could make a flippin’ FORTUNE!

My brain is chock-full of stupid-brilliant ideas. 😉

Comment by Brent Rasmussen


Comment by James Downey

[…] recently gave an example of the . . . creative froth, let’s call it . . . that I always live with. I think […]

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