Communion Of Dreams

March 25, 2011, 4:50 pm
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Lights in the sky. Strange lights. Lights that don’t move . . . right.

Must be aliens, stopping off for a visit, right?

Highbeams Of The Gods: Do UFOs Need Headlights?

Over at the Two-Way a UFO sighting over Colorado has been generating discussion and heat. In looking over the comments a question has come up which really strikes at the heart of the UFO issue. Someone astutely asked something along the lines of “Why do UFOs need headlights?”

Yeah. Good point. Are the aliens scared of running into a deer?


Pretty much the most crucial plot point in Communion of Dreams is that the alien artifact discovered on Titan is using some kind of stealth technology. (I’m not giving anything away by saying this, for those who haven’t yet read the book.) How and more importantly why this is the case is what drives the story.

I agree with the author of the blog post cited: “…any civilization with technology capable of spanning light-years ought to be able to hide themselves well enough to avoid detection from hairy apes with jet-planes like us.”


And that’s all I’ll say, or I will give away some spoilers for those who haven’t yet read the book. (And why haven’t you?? C’mon – it’s brilliant!)

Jim Downey

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