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And people call *me* crazy…
March 30, 2011, 10:23 am
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Gotta love it:

Except for the accent, this guy reminds me so much of my step-brother Patrick. He was always doing wildly insane but pretty cool crap like this.

Needed a chuckle, after being subject to more abuses of the medical-test variety this morning. Just a CAT scan trying to sort out the ongoing pleuritic pain, so nothing to worry about. Still, having to stay off coffee until after the test was annoying, and the above vid helped.

Jim Downey

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There are some other pretty good youtube videos on his channel, zombie slaying slingshots (for Halloween), arrow shooting slingshots, etc. Joerg is an outstanding craftsman, really is an engineer by hobby, but not profession. Plus he has a great sense of humor – I love the way he handles the inevitable juvenile delinquent commenters.

Pain sucks, hope you can enjoy your coffee now.

Comment by EdK

[…] Art, Guns, Humor, Rube Goldberg About a month ago, I wrote about the delightful crazy man who made a machete-shooting slingshot. Well, he’s now got a Gatling-gun style slingshot which is […]

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