Communion Of Dreams

Maybe there’s hope for us, after all.
April 3, 2011, 6:19 pm
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This is from the end of Chapter Three, set on a space station in Earth orbit:

There was a knot of perhaps 15 people, all facing one another around a bunch of tables shoved together. They finished their song, and clapping was heard throughout the atrium.

Jon smiled at Gates, explained. “Spacers. Crew off those two ships docked outside. Choral music has become something of a tradition the last few years, and each ship usually can field a fairly good ensemble of at least a half-dozen singers.”

“Huh. I had no idea.”

Another song started, this time with more voices. “C’mon, let’s go on down there.”

Why do I post this? Because of this wonderful clip:

Not choral music, but flute as an accompaniment to a song. The provenance of her flutes is impressive in itself. But the fact that we’re seeing a highly-trained, wonderfully intelligent person in orbit doing this just really makes my day . . . and re-affirms my faith in humanity overall.

It is sometimes easy to be cynical and depressed at the things we do.

This makes up for it.

Jim Downey


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