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Had to share.
September 13, 2011, 7:16 am
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Yesterday’s blog post had a passing mention of the gentleman who had been in contact with me about creating an ‘online memorial’ for my dad, and how I thought that reflected a fundamental difference in approach to how we remember and honor people. Well, unsuprisingly it prompted a response from the fellow in question, who sent the following to my sister (text unchanged):

Ma’am. The paragraph below is from your brothers daily blog. He has a right to speak his peace. I don’t know if your father was a veteran or not, but I am. If he was a veteran, then he and I both believed in the cause to keep our country safe.

Either way, I, like your father also fought on the home front too on the mean streets of Saint Louis. The only difference between your father and I is that your father died in the line of duty and I did not. I don’t any control over that issue and I wish that I did.

Apparently your brother has some issues with me merely attempting to locate your fathers grave so that the memorial that I created for him out of RESPECT, and for others to see, can be complete with a picture of his grave site.

He, your brother, has no clue where his own father is buried. That in it self is disturbing to me. He wants to cry like a child in his writings and he can’t even go to his own fathers grave because he doesn’t even know where its at. He has “head issues” and needs some help. I hope he finds the help that he desperately needs. I hope that he never gets married and fathers a child or children because his own father is probably disgusted with his actions and words that he tries to preach. I will find the grave on my own even if it has no memorial marker at all, and will photograph myself.

See that he gets this note.

Just had to share that.

Jim Downey

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This person didn’t know your father? Strange!

Comment by smuhlberger

Nope. And he has repeatedly confused information that we gave him – several of the things he says in the message posted above are incorrect. I suspect some kind of early age-related mental issues, but still…

Comment by James Downey

Oh, dear. This will probably net you another screed, and less coherent, too, I’m betting – unless you’ve blocked his IP? Folks like this don’t seem to have anything else to do. . .

Comment by Carol Monahan

You should go into the fortune-telling business, Carol. Yeah, it did (as I expected) along predictable lines. I’ve told him to leave us all alone, or it’d be considered harassment. (I do have all his info, and can pursue that if necessary, in addition to posting his identity publicly.)

Comment by James Downey

You can RESPECT the deceased without going grave-hunting!!!!! It’s kinda gruesome, actually.

I haven’t visited my parents’ graves since 2006, when my dad died. I suppose I should; the artificial flowers need replacing. But it’s an hour and a half drive one way, and I don’t see the point.

I talk to my parents every day. Rationally, I know they’re not there to hear me — I’m an atheist — but I still talk to them. Hell, I talk to the cat who died this last January, and her ashes are sitting on my fireplace mantle.

Comment by Karen

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