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Moments of change.
September 30, 2011, 12:00 pm
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September winds down. The leaves here in central Missouri are starting to change. This weekend Martha and I will celebrate being married for 24 years.

As the first World Alzheimer’s Month comes to a close I am waiting for at least two more publications who are doing stories on Her Final Year. There is an odd frisson, a sensation almost like standing on a cliff, looking out over a vista because I am afraid to look straight down to the river below. Is this an ending, or a beginning?

And I am reminded of this passage, originally written 5 days before Martha Sr died, now in the month of “December: Passing“:

There is something to this of that bittersweet moment, that sense of coming to conclusions you know are there, the resolution of conversations and plot lines that you get at the end of a cherished book. She no longer needs to wait for the usual markers of the day – when to get up, when to eat, when to nap. She got up this morning, and the rest of the day has followed as best we can to her wants and desires. Lunch an hour early, and including her favorite soup even though she just had it yesterday. (Campbell’s Tomato, if you want to know.) Supper about a half hour early. Bed more than an hour early. Because that is what she wanted.

Her worries we have answered as best we can, telling her that tomorrow we will see if we can help her find “the people she came here with.”

Unless she finds them on her own in her sleep.

We don’t always recognize the moments of change in our lives, or what they mean.

But sometimes, we do.

Jim D.

(Cross posted from the HFY blog.)


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