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I spy, with my little eye . . .

I’m beginning to think that Orwell was an optimist:

Oxford taxi conversations to be recorded, council rules

By April 2015 it will be mandatory for all of the city’s 600 plus cabs to have cameras fitted to record passengers.

The council said the cameras would run continuously, but only view footage relating to police matters would be reviewed.

Big Brother Watch said it was “a total disregard for civil liberties”.

When I first saw this on BoingBoing, I thought “oh, another DailyMail exaggeration piece, blowing something relatively innocuous all out of proportion.” Then I saw it was from the BBC. Reading the full article makes it quite clear that this is not exaggerated in the slightest.


How long before you think someplace in the US follows suit? I give it five years.

Jim Downey

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I give it 5 months.

Comment by smuhlberger

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