Communion Of Dreams

Coming Attractions…
January 24, 2012, 1:19 pm
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“A story of love, sacrifice, and honor.




This weekend, prepare yourself for the blockbuster of the season:

Communion of Dreams:
The Free Kindle version!

* * *

OK, here’s the deal: Coming this Friday, we’ll have the new paperback version of Communion of Dreams ready for ordering off the website. And to kick-off the book, I’m going to offer it for *FREE* download in the Kindle version for anyone who wants it. Yeah, anyone. You don’t need to be an Amazon Prime member. You don’t even need to own a Kindle. Just get the free Kindle app for your favorite electronic device, and download the sucker.

Please – help spread the word. I want lots and lots and lots of people to check out the site, get the book, and tell their friends. Make this book insanely popular, please. Well, beyond the 35,000 people who have previously downloaded the .pdf version of it, I mean. But them too, come to think of it.

Also, for those who want them, you can place a pre-order now for a signed paperback copy. Cost is the same as the paperback will be ($11.95), plus enough for me to cover the shipping charges, for a total of $15.00. Yup. Just send me $15 via Paypal to to get your order in. It’ll probably take about 10 days for you to get your signed copy. But see, that’s part of the reason that you can download the Kindle version for free this weekend – so you can actually read my brilliant prose while you wait to get my even more brilliant signature. Or something like that.

Let’s see . . . plenty of hype . . . I used the word *FREE* . . . there’s something else the marketing guides say . . . oh, yeah, a ‘call to action’:

Act Now for this Limited Time Offer!

Jim Downey

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[…] good, and so we can move forward with setting everything up for people to order their own copy (signed, even!) later this […]

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Jim, would you ship to Europe? How much would the total then be?

Comment by Andy

Be happy to. Which country are you in? – that may make a difference.

Comment by James Downey


Comment by Andy

Andy, seems that all the different options for mailing to Europe from here basically add another US $12.00 to the mailing price. I’ll eat some of that, so if you wanted a signed copy shipped over, let’s say a flat $25.00.

Just an FYI – it is available for the Kindle through the different Amazon websites in Europe.


Comment by James Downey

[…] live’ with the paperback edition, there will be three days when anyone will be able to download the Kindle version for free. That’s coming Friday, 1/27 through Sunday, 1/29 – watch for […]

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[…] a nightmare – losing the rights to the book when a small publisher went under), in January of 2012 I self-published it.  Since then, some 27,000 copies of the book have been downloaded, and about 200 paperback copies […]

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