Communion Of Dreams

A ‘graphic novel’ version?

Heading out here in a bit for a weekend of mixed business and pleasure, so I won’t be posting until early next week. But a couple of quick notes before I go . . .

A reader passed along a note that the webcomic Questionable Content has been running a sequence for the last couple of weeks which includes a hologram-manifesting AI (actually, two different ones) very much like the ‘experts’ in Communion of Dreams. I really like the rendering, and it is exactly how I envisioned Seth and the other experts manifesting in the book. The sequence starts here, and is quite fun (I’m just a sporadic reader of QC, but enjoy it when I do get to reading it). Perhaps I should send J. Jacques a copy of the book and see if we can get a graphic novel of the book going . . .

Well, sales of CoD have finally gone from a trickle to drought. Haven’t sold any for the last couple of days. Not too worrying, since I have been busy setting up things for the next promotional push (hope to have some news on the scheduling of that next week). But still, if you’ve read the book, do me a favor and just tell a friend about it. Help get the word out. And take a moment to go ‘rate’ the book on Amazon, perhaps even write up a review (or say whether one of the other reviews were useful). Oh, and if you’re an Amazon Prime member, *please* take a moment and ‘borrow’ the book – costs you nothing, and helps me out in several ways.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Jim Downey


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