Communion Of Dreams

Revenge of the nerds (and another prediction comes true).
February 24, 2012, 12:09 pm
Filed under: Augmented Reality, Expert systems, Google, Predictions, Science Fiction, tech

This news item is making the rounds:

What’s next? Perhaps throngs of people in thick-framed sunglasses lurching down the streets, cocking and twisting their heads like extras in a zombie movie.

That’s because later this year, Google is expected to start selling eyeglasses that will project information, entertainment and, this being a Google product, advertisements onto the lenses. The glasses are not being designed to be worn constantly — although Google engineers expect some users will wear them a lot — but will be more like smartphones, used when needed, with the lenses serving as a kind of see-through computer monitor.

Well, they aren’t contact lenses, but they are very much exactly the sort of ‘cyberwear’ tech that I stipulate as standard for the world of Communion of Dreams. And as I mentioned four years ago.

The future’s so bright, you gotta have goggles. Complete with a primitive A-series expert called “Android.”

Jim Downey

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WoW real Shadowrun communicators…. atleast it doesn’t sound like these will have SINS attached to your bank account .. or will they and Google will simply forget to mention that little detail? Blossom might have to get in line to try out a pair of these bad boys. Lol.

Comment by Nike

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