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A little help?
March 13, 2012, 10:16 am
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(Cross-posted from the Her Final Year blog, equally relevant here.)

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So, as I mentioned the other day, we’re going to have a promotional day this coming Sunday, where anyone can download the Kindle edition of Her Final Year for free. And in that post I asked for your help to get the word out:

So please, help spread the word: tell people that Her Final Year will be free next Sunday, and the Sunday after that. Let’s make sure that everyone you can think of who would benefit from knowing what it was like for us to be care-givers gets a copy of the book. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Post it to any care-giving forums of discussion groups.

And that help would still be very much appreciated, but it isn’t what I am asking for today. Rather, I want to ask you to do me a favor and to contact a public-radio show. All the details are over on my Communion of Dreams blog, but basically I sent copies of Her Final Year and Communion of Dreams (my novel) to the Diane Rehm Show, trying to interest them in perhaps doing a show on the books. Here’s the relevant passage from the letter I sent along with the books:

I understand that Ms. Rehm, and likely the entire staff there, are probably overwhelmed with story suggestions and books to be considered. But I hope that you will find time to take a look at either or both of these books. The matter of care-giving for someone with dementia is extremely important to me, and I would like to see more people aware of the role that men play concerning this. And the novel which I wrote during my time as a care provider tells another story, one of how unexpected discoveries sometimes show us what really matters. I think it is easy to see how these two things may be connected.

They should have received the books yesterday. And here is where you can help: drop them an email, post something to their Facebook page, or send them a Tweet ( @drshow ), and ask them to consider doing a show about the book. That’s it. Just a brief note. If you send a Tweet, use the hashtag #HerFinalYear .

Coming from you – from a variety of sources (who are not the authors) – is much more likely to get their attention. Meaning that just a couple of words from you will make a huge difference. Please.

And thank you.

Jim Downey


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