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Early start.
March 13, 2012, 12:48 pm
Filed under: Gardening, Weather

The freakishly mild winter has been followed by an early warm spring. It was almost 80 yesterday, and the forecast for the next week or so is for temps in 70s & 80s. On Sunday, we had a good soaking rain. And that all means that today was the perfect day to get an early start on the gardening.

Specifically, today I decided to get going on weeding the raised asparagus and strawberry beds. Here’s a “before” picture:

And the after:

The scale is a little hard to tell, in the first pic particularly. But in the second image, each of the ‘squares’ defined by the 1″ pipe is approximately 48″ x 60″. So from where my gloves are to the far end of the raised bed in the second picture is about 32′. The area covered by the box wire is the strawberry bed (the wire keeps the critters from enjoying our strawberries before we do) and the area at the far end is the asparagus bed.

There’s *always* more weeding to do, but that’s got the bulk of it done in that bed for the time being.

Now, get a shower and get ‘to work’.

Jim Downey


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