Communion Of Dreams

Compare and contrast.
March 20, 2012, 10:09 am
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So, anyone and everyone (well, in the “Love movies/science fiction/spectacles” crowd) spent much of the last couple of days talking about the new Prometheus trailer. This one:

At the time I write this, some 3,894,928 people have viewed said trailer on YouTube. And little wonder that it has so many people talking – it’s just about perfect for a blockbuster Hollywood spectacle, with massive explosions, plenty of violence and special effects, and a soundtrack that’ll make your ears bleed.

I’m a big fan of Alien, and Ridley Scott in general. And the above Prometheus trailer is pretty damned exciting.

But you know, I’d rather see this movie:

Yeah, that’s also a trailer for Prometheus. But it’s the UK trailer. It’s slower paced. More emphasis on telling a story. Literally quieter. The first explosion doesn’t show up until about 3/4 into the trailer.

Interesting difference in marketing. Using the same tech, many of the same clips/images from the movie (well, as much as you can depend on any trailer to use actual clips from the movie), even mostly the same music, the UK trailer manages to create a substantially different mood.

Like I said, I know which movie I’d rather see. And I know which crew I would rather see turn Communion of Dreams into a movie.

Well, I can dream, can’t I?

Jim Downey

Via Topless Robot.

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