Communion Of Dreams

No joking.
March 28, 2012, 1:01 pm
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It is not stated explicitly, but a close reading of Communion of Dreams will confirm that Darnell Sidwell discovered the ‘artifact’ 40 years from this Sunday.

Yeah, on April Fool’s Day.

That was just a little ‘Easter egg’ I put in the text, for the amusement of anyone who might catch it (there are a number of such things in the text). It becomes clear early enough in the book that it could make someone go “wait a minute . . . is all of this just a hoax?”

Anyway, in observation of the future anniversary of this event, I thought that I’d have another “free Kindle edition” promotion on Sunday.

But then I got to worrying that people might think it was all just an April Fool’s Day prank.

Damn. Hoist by my own little fart.

The only solution is to add in Saturday as well, to make it clear that the book really is free.

So, if you have yet to download Communion of Dreams for reading on your Kindle, computer, tablet or other device, this is your chance.

And if you have already read the book, this is your opportunity to tell your friends that they can get it free! Think how much they will love you for this, showering you with praise and respect for sharing such a wonderful, incredible, life-changing story with them! Your popularity will soar, your teeth will be whiter, your bank balance will swell, and that cute guy or gal will start to return your smiles. Even the president may call you for advice. No, seriously – it could happen!

Or, you know, not. But hey, it’s worth a chance, right?

So, this Saturday and Sunday, the Kindle Edition of Communion of Dreams, currently ranked an amazing #54,632 Paid in the Kindle Store! Which isn’t bad, considering how many books are out there. Really.

Jim downey

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