Communion Of Dreams

Well, I did my part . . .

So, as mentioned early last week, I planned on doing a “make-up” free-Kindle-edition promotion on April 12, in recognition of this first paragraph of Communion of Dreams:

He could see four or five thousand buffalo, one of the small herds. They stretched out in a long line below him, wide enough to fill the shallow valley along this side of the river, coming partway up the sides of the hill, not fifty meters from where he stood. The sky was its perpetual blue-grey, as clear as it ever got at this latitude, though the sun was almost bright. Late winter snow, churned into a dull brown mass by the buffalo where they trekked along the valley floor, nonetheless glinted along the tops of the hills. Weather forecasts said more snow was coming. It was Friday, April 12.

Well, as of noon today, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. But this time, it’s not my fault – I did the requisite hoop-jumping to get Amazon to provide my promised “make-up” day. But you know how it is with corporate bureaucracies – my submission seems to have been lost somewhere in the dreaded depths of customer service. I even sent a follow up two days ago, asking about the status of the submission, and was promised a response within 48 hours. You can quess how that turned out.

So, from what I can tell, tomorrow will not be a “free-Kindle-edition promotion”. Sorry about that. Here in a couple of weeks the calender will start anew for my participation in the KDP Select program, and I’ll have more promotional days available. And I’ll schedule one right away.

In the meantime, do feel free to continue to tell others about the book, or to get your own copy. I’ve sold almost 100 so far this month – YAY! And the feedback has continued to be very positive, though some more positive reviews would be very welcome so the most recent thing isn’t the fellow who found it “A bit too Insubstantial for me.”

Stay tuned!

Jim Downey


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