Communion Of Dreams

Friday the 12th came on a Thursday this year.*

So, 40 years from today, Communion of Dreams starts. Since we can’t have a free Kindle-edition promotion in celebration, let’s do this: sometime today leave a comment here or over on the Facebook page, or send me a Tweet, and I’ll enter all names into a drawing for a signed paperback copy of the book.

Got an interesting question on the Facebook page yesterday. Here it is in its entirety:

Jim, what’s your position on reviews that might be less glowing rather than moreso? Would you rather folks just not put those up, or would it be better to have the review even if it’s not five stars?

You can read my entire answer, but basically my response is that I just want people to be honest in their assessment and explain their reaction to the book if they can.

Yeah, sure, I want to see good reviews – I think any writer who is being honest with themselves would probably agree – but at some very important level the book has to stand on its own. Like any book, or work of art, or invention – pretty much anything made by humans. I can’t spend my life going around trying to defend everything I’ve written or done, nor trying to explain it or hype it. Certainly, I have my own opinions on the “meaning” of a given piece of writing or artwork or conservation work, but it would be a fool’s errand to use all my time and energy convincing others of my opinion.

Besides, it probably won’t work. Via MeFi, check out this short clip of an interview with Ian McEwan about helping his son with a school essay about the meaning of one of his own books. It’s amusing, but I would think that McEwan would know already that how others understand his work is something that he has little control of or influence over.

Anyway. Be sure to leave a comment, or send me a Tweet, and include enough contact info that I can get hold of you if you win the drawing. Winner will be announced tomorrow.

EDITED TO ADD 4/13: Juelda Salisbury Hanson won the drawing! Congrats!

Jim Downey

* Stolen from an ongoing gag here.


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I really dug this book. It’s been a while since I’ve been enthralled with a Science Fiction novel. There have been others, sure, but Communion of Dreams is my favorite. I have turned the book on to many of my friends and have received nothing but praise. Well done Jim! ~Todd

Comment by Todd McKovich

Thanks, Todd! And that constitutes an entry for the drawing! 🙂

Comment by James Downey

I truly enjoyed “Communion of Dreams”. It is very well written, with believanle action and characters I could care about. I was fortunate that I found it for free for my Kindle for PC, as I am a disabled senior, I hope to be able to read more of your writing in the future.

Comment by Jean Sigman

And thanks to you as well, Jean!

Comment by James Downey

I have a copy, but I’ll be happy to pass one on. Loved the book!

Comment by Liz Soldwish-Zoole


Comment by James Downey

[…] the best-seller list. I could certainly use the financial boost which would come with that. Just as I would love it if everyone raved in their reviews about the book. But being realistic, the book has only been […]

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