Communion Of Dreams

The view from 30,000 …

feet, er rank.

That’s where Communion of Dreams has been hovering most of this week: #30,000 or so in the “Amazon Best Sellers Rank.” Sometimes it’s a little better, sometimes a little worse. Just now it was #28,088. Yesterday afternoon it was 34,000-something.

You might think that this would be somewhat disappointing to me. Actually, I’m pretty happy with it.

That happiness comes because it does seem that people are actually enjoying the book. Yeah, sure, I would love for it to suddenly skyrocket to the top of the best-seller list. I could certainly use the financial boost which would come with that. Just as I would love it if everyone raved in their reviews about the book. But being realistic, the book has only been available for about 10 weeks now, I haven’t spent any money on advertising, and the response keeps growing. Over 8,000 people have downloaded the book in the Kindle edition, and so far this month over 100 people have actually paid good money to do so. That tells me that enough people who have read the book are telling others about it, recommending it.

And when you think about that, it’s really one hell of a compliment. Because the amount of time taken from other things people can do with their life to read a book is pretty substantial, and represents a significant investment which makes the $4.95 price fairly insignificant by comparison. So, thanks, everyone. Keep it up!

My participation in the KDP Select program comes up for renewal next week, and I’ll be able to schedule another promotional day shortly thereafter. Stay tuned for an announcement about when that will be.

Jim Downey

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