Communion Of Dreams

Game over. But the match continues.

So, had this little promotion yesterday. Since the last one only generated about 1,800 downloads, I didn’t have really high expectations. Which was probably a good thing, in light of how yesterday went.

Good, because what actually happened just blew me out of the water: almost 6,000 downloads. 5,831 to be specific. That includes 42 in the UK and 4 in Germany.

That beats the previous high tally of 5,277. When combined with the other sales and whatnot this month, that makes a total of about 5,950 copies of Communion of Dreams distributed since April 1, and something in excess of 14,000 since the launch of the new edition. Not bad.

So, as I’ve said before, thanks everyone. Really – it makes a huge difference. Your downloads. Your purchases. Your reviews. Your ‘likes’. Your telling friends and forums about the book. Your helping push it to #1 in the Science Fiction category of the free Kindle store for most of yesterday, and something like #53 overall. It all has an impact.

And it is all very much appreciated.

Stay tuned for further developments.

Jim Downey

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