Communion Of Dreams

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Well, let’s look back at April…

All in all, it was a good month for Communion of Dreams. Perhaps the least impressive statistic is the number of visitors to the website for the book: only about 1,000. But that’s OK, because a lot more people went directly to the Amazon pages for the book (Kindle and paperback), and actual sales were right at 275 over the course of the month. Sales have cooled a bit in the last couple of days, and the ranking has slipped from a high of about 3,500 to about 8,000 when I checked it a little while ago.

Even better, the book has continued to get a fair amount of attention thanks to the Kindle promotional days. That has meant more mentions and reviews around the web (including a new one here at Amazon). In April, a total of 5,899 people downloaded the novel for free. As I’ve said before, I think that this is great, and helps to build more awareness and sales overall.

Which is why I’ll have at least one such promotional day this month. Watch for details soon.

So, thanks, everyone! I really do appreciate your interest and sharing your thoughts about Communion of Dreams with me, with your friends, with your readers/followers. If you’re on Facebook, pop by and “like” the CoD page. You can also follow me on Twitter for quick news/updates/links.


Jim Downey

* OK, damn, the WordPress software messes with the blog title. It’s supposed to be “MAYDAY” in Morse Code. Sheesh – try and be clever, see what happens? The story of my life.

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