Communion Of Dreams

Wait . . . what?

I must admit that after my initial confusion, I found this rather humorous:

Reincarnation and Karma – An interesting framework for writing short stories with a common theme. Engaging, but a little repetitive at the same time. The medieval plague years were brought to life in one story, and I found that story the most engaging.

Sounds interesting enough, right? So why was I amused?

Because it was supposedly a review* of Communion of Dreams.

I mentioned it to my Facebook friends, who also seem to have mostly found it amusing, based on the comments and reaction to the review.

It also points up one of the problems with Amazon’s reviews, or any review, for that matter: pretty much, anyone can say whatever they want, and it just goes into the general pool of info out there. Permanently. For the most part I have had *very* positive reviews and reaction to Communion of Dreams, but there will always be some folks who don’t like any piece of writing or work of art. You’ve just gotta accept that, just as you can’t let praise be a distraction. In both cases you just have to take the feedback for what it’s worth, then get back to the work at hand.

Speaking of which . . .

Jim Downey

*Edited a couple hours later to add: Well, the review is now gone, so I deleted the hot link. I suppose the author logged into his account and figured it out. Or perhaps with it getting so many downvotes it was automatically eliminated. Still, it was pretty amusing.


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