Communion Of Dreams

Hang in there, Sunday’s coming!

What’s special about that? Well, for one, it’s Mother’s Day here in the US. Yay! for all the Moms out there!

Even better, you can get THREE books for the price of NONE!

That’s right – get our care-giving memoir Her Final Year, which I co-authored with John Bourke, as well as my novel Communion of Dreams, AND ALSO John’s novel Sync, which he co-authored with J. Lee Dunn, ALL FOR FREE!

You can’t beat that. All three books in the Kindle edition for free. You don’t need a special code. You don’t even need a Kindle. All you need to do is go download them.

That’s this Sunday. Mother’s Day. Tell your Mom. Tell your friends. Hell, tell your friends’ Moms. It’s our Mother’s Day gift to you, to them, to everyone!

Remember – Sunday!

Jim Downey

(Cross posted to the HFY blog.)


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