Communion Of Dreams

“…something that we do not yet understand.”

Those who have finished reading Communion of Dreams will have a particular appreciation of this:

“Ancient Aliens,” the popular sci-fi meme, has yet to produce solid proof that extraterrestrials ever interacted with humans. Yet Unidentified Flying Objects have a surprisingly ancient history. The earliest UFO sightings were reported by Roman historians Livy, Orosius, Seneca, Plutarch, Pliny, and Josephus. The ancient sightings have been classified by a NASA scientist according to the standard UFO categories devised by astronomer J.A. Hynek (1972): Close Encounters of the First (no physical evidence), Second (physical traces), and Third Kinds (occupants observed).

The parallels to modern UFO sightings are eerie.

* * *

The astronomical meteorologist who analyzed these Roman reports in Classical Journal (2007) notes that the “UFO phenomenon, whatever it may be due to, has not changed much over two millennia”: disk, elongated, or sphere shapes; metallic, brilliant colors and materials; smooth, erratic, or hovering motions; the object often vanishes. Whether these are extraordinary atmospheric effects, astronomical phenomena, or extraterrestrial encounters, the persistence of consistent details over thousands of years seems to point to something real observed by many witnesses over time, something that we do not yet understand.

Since I’ll be in Rome in a couple of weeks, maybe I’ll have to talk to my Classics Prof friend about this…

Jim Downey

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The fact that Puma Punku’s andesite stones could have only been cut using diamonds or diamond-tipped tools is proof enough in my mind. There is no other explanation according to the mohs scale of hardness. Puma Punku is thought by mainstream archeologists to only be 1,500 years old (though due to the work of Arthur Posnansky who lived at the site for over 50 years, I believe it is much older). So if diamond tipped tools weren’t invented until 1875 or so, how does this place in Bolivia even exist? By the way, there is a 400 ton stone on the site that had to be moved there from somewhere. Do you know what it would take to move a 400 (800,000 lbs.) ton stone in todays methodology? A steel girded skyscraper crane.
Check out my blog here on wordpress for my upcoming e-book “When Angels Lie : Celestial Fingerprints” to be released on kindle in the next month. It’s all there. From mars to the biblical flood, and into the outer reaches of space, the tale is complex and disturbing to say the least.

Comment by Daniel Watchman

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