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There always has to be one.

OK, as I play catch-up from vacation, I’m doing the “how is the book doing” check, and found this review:

I started this book wanting to like it. The idea of discovering a non-human made artifact intrigued me. But as I got further into the story it turned from a purely hard Sci Fi novel into one that smacked more of mysticism than scientific investigation. From mysterious dreams to everyone looking at the artifact and not seeing the same thing; it got harder and harder for me to enjoy it and I lost interest about halfway through. One positive thing I can say about it is that I did like the A.I. helpers (called “Experts”) from the story. They were entertaining and very believable.

Ouch. First one-star review it’s gotten. I do wonder whether the fellow just stopped reading, because I think that his complaint is answered with how the book comes together. Ah well.

Anyway, there were also two more excellent 5-star reviews to balance that, so…

Jim Downey

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~Now~ you’re truly an author. 😉 (it just takes one bad review amid a mass of excellent ones to provide that final spark of being). 😉

Comment by John Bourke

Well, I think Lincoln sums up my thoughts on that: 😉

Comment by James Downey

Somewhere I read that you can be the best Jelly doughnut ever made. Perfectly filled, expertly coated in that wonderful, thin, sugar coating, with the most delicious jelly ever made. And someone’s not gonna like jelly doughnuts.

<> there sure are a lot of us that like your confections, just sayn’

Comment by Chris Brown

Heh – thanks. Yeah, hence the title of the post. 🙂

Comment by James Downey

[…] don’t know whether it was prompted by yesterday’s blog post, but late in the day there was a new review put up at Amazon which seemed to specifically address […]

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