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Hmm. That’s an interesting idea.

I don’t know whether it was prompted by yesterday’s blog post, but late in the day there was a new review put up at Amazon which seemed to specifically address the one-star review. It’s a very positive review, and I would urge you to take a look at it if you get a chance. But this bit in particular caught my eye:

His story combines elements of many popular genres into a near epic tale. It has elements of Sci-fi, mystery, psychological thriller, political thriller, metaphysical enlightenment, alien contact, artificial intelligence, buddy-drama, and action-adventure. I can easily see this world screen-played into an engaging TV series that appeals to a wide range of people.

I’ve joked previously about a possible film treatment of the book, and what that might look like. And I have no reason to think that the TV-meatgrinder would result in anything much better. But I must admit that I find the idea of a TV series or miniseries based on the book to be kinda interesting.

Anyway, thanks to the author for the new review, and if you were prompted by my blog post yesterday that’s cool. Reviews do seem to make a real difference, so if you haven’t taken the time to write a review or rate the book on Amazon, please do.

I hope to get the first travelog from Italy posted later today. But first I have to pay catch-up a bit in my garden.

Jim Downey

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A miniseries on a channel that would put proper money into it would be good. It may surprise some that I do NOT think it should be on SyFy, since they seem to warp everything into a dark and depressing space. I didn’t get that perspective on the book at all, but maybe that’s because I have always looked at space as a hopeful, exciting space.

Of course, if it happens, your loyal fanbase gets to have fun with the casting game, right? y;)

Comment by ML

“Of course, if it happens, your loyal fanbase gets to have fun with the casting game, right? y;)”

Absolutely! So, wanna start?

Comment by James Downey

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