Communion Of Dreams

“They’re afraid.”

“Did you hear about the fire in Joplin?” asked my wife, as she walked into my office. We had just gotten back from a nice lunch with old friends who were in town on business.


“Yeah, this morning. A mosque burned to the ground. They had a smaller fire last month which was determined to be arson.”

* * * * * * *

Early yesterday morning I chided a friend on Facebook. She had posted that the shooting at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin was another example of hatred and ignorance. This is what I said: “Don’t jump to conclusions. This could have been some kind of domestic dispute or something completely unrelated to the appearance of the people at the temple. Wait until some actual news comes out.”

Well, when actual news *did* come out, it was clear that the perp had in the past embraced the White Supremacist / Neo-Nazi movement.

* * * * * * *

From the end of Chapter 9:

Jon thought he should clarify. “Jackie’s got the gist of it, but let me try and explain a little more completely. Sometime during the chaos of the post-flu, there were two marginal groups that got together. One was the heir of something called The Order, a reactionary offshoot of the old Aryan Nation.”

“Ah, neo-Nazis. Yes, I know them.”

“Thought so. The other group was a splinter of the radical environmental organization Earthfirst!, sort of like the far-left fringe of the Greens. They managed to create a hybrid belief system: that true adherence to God’s natural law would bring man back to a state of grace, suitable to be readmitted to the Garden of Eden. To promote this belief, they want to see a complete restoration of the Earth’s biosphere to a natural state, with humans having almost no environmental impact.”

As I’ve said before, the prequel I’m working on, St. Cybi’s Well, is set right at the time of the onset of the fire-flu.

Guess what groups are going to play a part in that story. Right.

* * * * * * *

“Yeah, this morning. A mosque burned to the ground. They had a smaller fire last month which was determined to be arson.”

I clicked open a news article on my computer, glanced through it.  I shook my head.

My wife read the article over my shoulder, asked: “First the shooting in Wisconsin, now this. Why do people have to pull crap like this?”

“They’re afraid.”


“Yeah. Of change. Of not being in control. Of things which are different. You know, the usual.”

“Yeah, but it’s so stupid,” she said almost to herself.

“True. And just because they’re afraid doesn’t mean we have to give in to them, give in to their fear.” I sighed. “But it may mean that we have to defend ourselves from that fear.”

Jim Downey

(The travelog I intended on posting today will be delayed. Sorry.)


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“The little people. The salt of the earth. You know: Morons.”

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