Communion Of Dreams

Gearing up.

So, I’m starting to get geared up to do a Kickstarter project tied to the next novel, and that means (among other things) getting the necessary infrastructure put into place.  One big component of this is having a unified visual design — a ‘brand’, if you will.

For Communion of Dreams, I always knew I wanted to use Peter Haigh’s stunning “Burr Oak at Twilight” image as part of this branding component. That’s the image at the top of this page, on the book’s website, and on the cover of book (more evident on the paperback than the Kindle edition). I use a small version of it as an icon/avatar where appropriate.

But curiously, the final design of the book cover didn’t happen until this past January. That was largely due to the fact that for the longest time I was hoping to have the book conventionally published, and I knew that any publisher would likely have some strong opinions on the matter of the book design. Hell, I was worried that I would have to fight just for my choice of title for the book.

This time, planning on publishing the next book myself changes the whole order of things. Particularly since I am hoping that a successful Kickstarter will help make the process of getting the book written and prepared for publication go much faster/easier. As a result, we’re starting with the cover design, and will be working to incorporate that into the rest of the visual ‘brand’ of the book. And here it is:

I really like the way this hints at certain elements of the story. Hehehehe.

Jim Downey

PS: Speaking of Kickstarters, some friends of mine are doing one currently to expand their jewelry-smithing. It’s a very cool project, and they are definitely people who will make good use of the new tools and skills. Check it out, support it if you can — I have — there’s 10 days left, and they’re just a bit over $4,000 from their goal: Ancient Metalsmithing Made Modern, or Perfecting Pressblech

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