Communion Of Dreams


I live across the street from a golf course. No, I don’t play golf. And we didn’t move here because of the golf course, or have the house built because of it. Heck, the course didn’t even exist when our house was built — it came along some 40 years later.

Anyway, I live across the street from a golf  course. And after years of wrangling, the course is now undergoing some fairly major revisions and redesign. Most of the changes are taking place on the far side of the course from us, but even the area across from our home is seeing a lot of construction. It’s been interesting on our morning walks to see the changes, try and figure out what the guys running the big equipment are doing.

And that’s had me thinking about playgrounds. Because even though I don’t play golf, I can see how changing the course — making it more modern — would be something which would be exciting to those who do play. New challenges in approaching the course, new problems to overcome.

Play is important to us. Particularly, variety in our play is important to us. We like novel things, whether it is in video games, television shows, sex partners, or, well, novels. Each one can be understood as a kind of playground.

This is hardly a new or particularly interesting observation. Except that as I am in the early stages of thinking through St. Cybi’s Well — of creating a new playground — I feel an unexpected kinship with the guys operating the heavy earth-moving equipment across the street.

World-building, indeed.

Jim Downey


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