Communion Of Dreams

T-minus …

So, our Kickstarter project for St. Cybi’s Well  has been approved by the Powers That Be. Which means that we can launch it whenever we’re ready; think of this as a scheduled break in the count-down and we’ve now been given clearance for starting the final count.

But like the early space launches, *everything* has to be just right before we can actually launch. The Kickstarter itself is about 95% perfect — but I want to squeeze out a couple more % before I am ready to resume the count-down.

I also want to get a couple of other things ready to coincide with the launch. Like scheduling a Kindle promotional day for Communion of Dreams.

I should be able to announce the actual launch start sometime tomorrow. It might be Sunday. It might be a day or two later.

But it’s coming soon.  Be ready. I think some folks are going to really love the possible rewards.


Jim Downey


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There was no active link to the Kickstarter for St. Cybil’s on the page linked to this blog post.

Comment by Nike

You’re right, there isn’t. Because it isn’t ready to launch yet.

Comment by James Downey

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