Communion Of Dreams

No, that’s the *other* one.

This is what it said on the ‘$1 Reward’ for my Kickstarter:

Amnesty: Did you download “Communion of Dreams” for free? Assuage your guilty conscience and/or show your appreciation for a great book by pledging just one dollar. And if you haven’t gotten a download of “Communion of Dreams” yet, do so!

That, friends, is why I usually leave the comedy writing to the other Jim Downey, the one who has a more mainstream sense of humor. I was trying to have a little fun with the standard $1 Reward you find on most Kickstarters, where it says some nice but fairly generic thing about “thanking you for your support.” I should know better. The joke fell flat.

Since you can’t change an offered Reward once someone has claimed it (which is only fair), I’ve just closed that Reward and added a more typical one at the same contribution level:

A digital thank-you for your support, as well as notification when “St. Cybi’s Well” is available to the public!

So, lesson learned. Again. You’d think I’d know by now to leave the humor to the other guy.

Thanks to those who *did* make a contribution to the Kickstarter yesterday! That amounted to $365 towards the goal — very much appreciated! And there were another 167 downloads of Communion of Dreams through the day, as well!

Onward & upward.


Jim Downey*

*This one.


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