Communion Of Dreams

The 12 Days of Kickstarter.

On the first day of Kickstarter
my true fan sent to me:
A dollar for Saint Cybi.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to run through all 12 stanzas.

But we haven’t had much action this week on the Kickstarter, and the countdown has relentlessly continued with just 12 days remaining. Meaning that we’re 47% funded, but with 60% of the time over. That’s not a good trend.

I’d like this to be successful. It would allow me to concentrate on getting the book done and out sooner rather than later. So far 35 kind and generous souls have pledged, and I very much appreciate their support. But that’s a very small number.

If you’ve enjoyed my writing here or elsewhere, particularly if you’ve enjoyed Communion of Dreams, please take a moment and go check out the Kickstarter. There are some really great ‘rewards’ there — I’m not asking for a donation, just some advance sales of St. Cybi’s Well. A fair exchange, from $5 on up. And should St. Cybi’s Well prove to be popular, who knows, the limited edition hand-bound copies I’m offering may become valuable collector’s items.

And if you would share news of this Kickstarter effort with others, particularly those who have read Communion of Dreams, I would be very thankful.


Jim Downey


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