Communion Of Dreams

Bad timing.

Just a quick note — there seems to be a glitch in the system at Amazon, and the Kindle edition of Communion of Dreams hasn’t gone to “promotion” yet this morning. I’m trying to get it resolved, but it may not happen today.

Which kinda sucks in terms of timing, since this is the closing day of the Kickstarter.

Not that it would likely make the difference between success & failure for the Kickstarter — we’ve just got too far to go to cover it today. But I take a certain pride in closing down things ‘cleanly’ and on a positive note, insofar as possible, and offering Communion of Dreams on promo had been part of that. Ah well, these things happen, and you just have to roll with them the best you can.

So, if you were intending on helping promote the Kickstarter today, and touting Communion of Dreams being available for free as part of that — at least hold off on the latter part for now. If I get things sorted out early enough, we can still offer it for free through the end of the Kickstarter. If not, then we’ll schedule another “make-up” day soon.



Jim Downey

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[…] mentioned a couple weeks ago that there was a case of ‘Bad Timing‘ in terms of having problems scheduling another promotional day for Communion of […]

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