Communion Of Dreams

A small matter of perspective.

This is not unlike the tricks that a good story-teller uses, though manifest in a brilliant visual form:

From NPR’s Robert Krulwich, who has this to say:

These illusions were created by an artist who calls himself Brusspup.What he does is an exercise in anamorphosis, a conjuring trick that takes advantage of how our brains make sense of the world. If you know how, you can create an image which makes no sense until the viewer happens onto a particular — and it’s a very particular — spot. Once the viewer finds the right angle — the only place where he or she can see what the artist intended — suddenly, boom!- the drawing leaps into three dimensions.

Getting a reader to that precise point of view in a novel is the hard part. Willing suspension of disbelief is a kindness all readers give any author.

Jim Downey

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