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Almost everyone who has seriously studied a foreign language has experienced this: that at some point when you have gained sufficient fluency, you’ll find yourself actually dreaming in the new language. Particularly if you are somewhat of a lucid dreamer, or just remember your dreams, this can come as a very pleasant surprise, and serves as a real mile-marker in your progress with the language.

Well, last night for the first time I found myself “dreaming” scenes and character discussions from St Cybi’s Well.


Jim Downey


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That’s excellent! I woke up gradually the other day, to find that I had been dreaming a nice long interview with the actors I’ve “cast” in the film adaptation of the book I’m writing. They were discussing the characters’ motivations, and steering me away from some directions that didn’t work for them. And, since these are A-list actors, they were really, really smart about this stuff. Thanks, guys! 🙂

Comment by Carol Monahan (@robespierrette)

Carol, my compliments on having the foresight to include such talent in your dreams. I should remember to book further in advance … 😉

Comment by James Downey

[…] yes, “Prelude” rather than “Prologue.” Partly it ties in with this. Partly … well, you’ll […]

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