Communion Of Dreams

Yup, that’s my tree.

I’ve written about the “Williamson Oak” previously, and specifically about the effects of last year’s drought on the tree.

Well, this afternoon NPR’s “All Things Considered” had a good piece about the tree, and the drought. And already I’ve had people ask whether it was the same one I had written about/used for the cover of Communion of Dreams.

Yup, that’s the same one. Here’s from the NPR website:


Compare it to the image at the top of this blog (or on the cover of my book), and you’ll see it is the same tree, though a decade or so has had some impact on what it looks like.

But then, none of us looks the same as we did ten years ago, so …


Jim Downey

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Beautiful photo and great blog.
Continued success!

Comment by writingsofamrs


Comment by James Downey

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