Communion Of Dreams

Want a free hand-bound, hard-cover copy of Communion of Dreams?

So, I got these all done:

Finished product.

Finished product.

And I’m really pleased with the way most of them came out.

Most of them. But not all.

The first several text blocks I trimmed, I had the fence on my guillotine set in the wrong place, and trimmed the top margin a little too close. Oh, it’s the sort of thing that probably only I would ever notice (seriously, it’s only about 5mm off), but when it comes to my work I’m a bit of a perfectionist. So I just wouldn’t feel right in selling them for the normal $100 price. Instead, I’m going to use them for promotional purposes. Starting with having a drawing for one now.

So, if you would like a nearly perfect, hand-bound, cloth-covered copy of Communion of Dreams, do two things, and I will enter your name for a drawing:

  1. “Follow” this blog (or “Like” the Facebook page).
  2. Leave a comment below (or on the Facebook page).

You’ve got until Sunday morning, when I log on to see who has entered. Then I’ll put all the names into a hat, and draw one out. That person will get the copy of the book. For free. I’ll even pay the postage. And let you pick which edition number you want of those available. And inscribe it as you prefer (well, within bounds…)

Please, only one entry per person, and open to everyone. If you’ve already ordered a hand-bound copy of the book  (or are due one from the Kickstarter) and you win this one, you can have me either send it to you or to the recipient of your choice. Easy.

Don’t wait — get your entry in now.

Jim Downey

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What a fantastic promotion! I’m down for an entry!! 🙂

Comment by Anna


Comment by James Downey

Put me in.

Comment by Nancy hulan

OK, you’re in!

Comment by James Downey

I loved Communion of Dreams! And it would be awesome to have a hard copy along with my digital.

Comment by lizzluck


Comment by James Downey

This is not a contest entry, just a heads up of boosting the signal. As much as I love the tactile experience of a book in hand, I’ve already read this piece a couple times, enjoying it slightly more with each go ’round. But, i want my friends to get the heads up, so i will be sharing this on FB.

Comment by Mike

Well, thanks, Mike!

Comment by James Downey

I’m always up for a free copy!

Comment by Doug Stewart

Entered! Good luck!

Comment by James Downey

I’m saving to purchase it (thank you student loans!) and so will buy it anyway if I don’t win, but egads, that’s GORGEOUS.

Comment by Bonnie Lin Cyr

Thanks, Bonnie – got you entered!

Comment by James Downey

Put me in the drawing. Not for myself, but for an SCA friend who doesn’t like ebooks and is not on Facebook. I have it on Kindle.

Comment by alixtheweaver

Happily so!

Comment by James Downey

It looks amazing! Good luck.

Comment by Erica Jones

Thank you!

Comment by James Downey

Well, yeah! Of course, I’d like a free copy of your novel. Who in their right mind wouldn’t? And I don’t have an e-reader, so I haven’t read it yet. – Brock Hanke (Juan)

Comment by Brock Hanke

Got you entered – good luck! And even if you don’t win this copy, the paperback is available here:

Comment by James Downey

The cover is Beautiful!!! I’d love to win one.

Comment by Sue Weinberg

You’re at least entered! Good luck!

Comment by James Downey

Free really fits into my budget. Thanks for the chance.

Comment by Weaving Reader

And good luck!

Comment by James Downey

You have so many talents! I would really like a copy of your book…….Hugs to you! Debi

Comment by debi1961

Thanks – and good luck!

Comment by James Downey

Yes! I also love how you show the whole process in pictures.

Comment by Rachel


Comment by James Downey

I’ve heard many good tings about the book. Bad part, it has only been available electronically. I refuse on principle to by an e-reader.. Would love a copy.

Comment by Bill Stapleton

Got you entered, Bill, and good luck!

But I want to make a correction: it has *always* been available in paperback, either through Amazon or off my website to this link:

Further, Amazon has always offered free Kindle emulators for just about any computer or mobile device – there’s no need to buy an e-reader. If you can post a comment on a blog, chances are you can read the book on the same device. More info here, if you’re interested:

Comment by James Downey

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“Communion Of Dreams” is highlighted today on

Comment by eBookDaily Free Kindle Books

Well, thanks for the heads-up!

Comment by James Downey

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